Book Design
[To What Extend is Design an Act of Materialization?]

The definition of Materialization is:
1. Become an actual fact; happen;
2.(of a ghost, spirit, or similar entity) appear in bodily form.

During my senior year at school, I embarked on a series of diverse projects, all aiming to explore on the idea of "Design as Materialization" from various perspectives and mediums. I found it crucial to pose this question because, as I continue to grow as a designer, I become increasingly focused on defining my purpose within the realm of design. It's my aspiration to remain attuned to my environment and the impact of my actions, rather than operating as a “clueless” designer.

The tangible outcome of my study culminated in the form of this thesis book, accompanied by an accordion-bound book that encapsulates all the research conducted throughout my process.

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