Currently studying in the BFA Design program at the School of Visual Arts, located in New York.
Born in Minneapolis, grew up in Nanjing, China. 

As a designer, I have been experimenting with and practicing traditional art forms as well as emerging and contemporary forms of visual languages. I'm always seeking to find unique perspectives to express my ideas. I make work that feels authentic and effortless by putting freedom and curiosity into it. When given the opportunity to tackle a new problem, I like to push myself outside of the comfort zone. My works are mostly colorful, minimalistic, multi-mediums, and sometimes humorous.

I love to develop all kinds of skills and interests besides designing. I like to do digital paintings, original character creation, yoga, and watch documentaries.

Feel free to reach out me :)



<2019 – 2022>
SVA High Term Honors
(Department Top 5%)

<2019 – 2023>
SVA Silas H.Rhodes merit Scholarship

Graphis New Talent 2021 Silver Award

2022 TDC Scholarship Award



All are original & school projects if no Client labeled