Currently studying in the BFA Design program at the School of Visual Arts, located in New York.
Born in Minneapolis, grew up in Nanjing, China. 

As a designer, I have been experimenting with and practicing traditional art forms as well as emerging and contemporary forms of visual languages. I'm always seeking to find unique perspectives to express my ideas. During an art-making process, I enjoy the drafting stage the most because it's where I can challenge myself to develop new concepts. When given the opportunity to tackle a new problem, I like to push myself outside of the comfort zone. 

I love to develop all kinds of skills and interests besides designing. I do digital paintings, original character creation, and watch documentaries, etc. My works are mostly colorful, minimalistic, multi-mediums, and sometimes humorous.

Feel free to reach out me :)


/I like to...          
    Learn constantly and be inspired by people of any kind;    Observe, think, AND dream--where all absurdity and fantasy lie;
Work in a friendly and professional environment where people collaborate together for great solutions;

   Challenge myself, push limits and abosorb new skills.


All are original & school projects if no Client labeled