Motion Graphics
[NeiJuan/Rat Race]

A short motion piece about "NeiJuan" (内卷, Rat Race, or Involution), which is a popular buzzword referring to China’s hyper-competitive culture among the younger generation. To me, “NeiJuan” is like a blackhole. Once you're pulled into it, you would not be able to escape.

Through this retro and colorful artsyle, I wanted to express my perspective on “NeiJuan”.  The word has spread through the internet and Chinese people now use it to express their frustration with modern society every day and every moment.  The way we use the word is somewhat loose, or sometimes even nonchalant, without fully carrying the weight of our stress and anxiety. So the animation does not illustrate any super dramatic scene nor using tragic music, it shows people are used to mechanical routines.

Music designed by Anran Chen.

All are original & school projects if no Client labeled.