Illustration book [You See,]

We live in a digital age where people can express their opinions freely and even cyberbully others hidden behind their screen names in the comfort of anonymity. When something goes viral on the internet, the truth can be easily obscured by malicious speculations. I use an interactive illustration book to explore the perspectives of three different crowds:

1. Victims of language violence and cyberbullying
2. Instigators and cyberbullies 
3. The public that is swayed easily by the media without complete information

The illustration book asks the reader to “choose” and participate in the development of an episode of modern virality. The mirror on the last page asks the reader to reflect upon their thinking and choices. 

Aug 2019 / [You See,] / 7.5’’ x 9.8’’ x 0.6’’ / Digital, print, mixed materials

All are original & school projects if no Client labeled.