Advertising Poster Collection

The New MTV Rebrand
This is a part of a campaign I am currently working on.

Insight: MTV is losing viewers because no one knows what it stands for anymore. It doesn't own the music space anymore and it certainly doesn't have a strong hold on TV or News. People have no reason to tune in because it isn't offering anything new.

Idea: We'll give MTV a new purpose in the music space by completely changing our offerings to cater to the latest in music. Introducing -- New Music Television.

The New MTV Logo

Key words: Electrofying , high-energy, Gen-Z,  reminding of TV noise.
Slogan: Oh, You Haven’t Heard?

Creative Agency Ad: Logan
“Advertising is so prevalent, even advertisers need advertising.”

Insight: People are surrounded by advertisements every day but do not recognize who creates them.

Idea & Solution: I wanted to create an advertising format that is unobtrusive but still creative.  So the idea is that the stickers could stick to anywhere the client’s ads are posted. There could also be a digital format for online campaigns. The QR code would allow the viewer to scan and visit the Logan website. These can also be sent out as gifts from the studio. In my opinion, Logan is a creative and production studio that embraces a wide variety of skills and practices e.g., VFX, motion graphics, photography, so I tried to incorporate different textures in the stickers. Most of the colors were abstracted from Logan’s published advertising clips.

JetBlue Print Ads Halloween Version

The task was to come up with various halloween-themed design posters for JetBlue while sticking with its brand style.

Craigslist Social Ad
How to sell the weirdest products on Craigslist?
I came up with three ideas for selling quail eggs on social media.


All are original & school projects if no Client labeled